WordPress Vs Sitebuilder – Which One is Right for You?

29th May, 2012 by

WordPress vs. SiteBuilder

In the first years of the Internet, most small business owners had limited options with regards building a new website. These included learning html or hiring a web designer (or developer).   A few content management systems (CMS) did exist, but they were generally very expensive and cumbersome to learn.

In the last few years, WordPress has emerged as a popular CMS package with which to launch blogging services and new websites.   Every month, its user base grows and now most people are aware you can choose either a hosted option or a deploy the blog yourself using the famous 5-minute install.

But in reality, both options highlighted above are trickier than they sound requiring a solid understanding of FTP, folder permissions and security measures required to lock down WordPress blogs, which are often the target of unscrupulous hackers.

Generally, WordPress offers the following advantages:

  • Software built by several hundred international developers and volunteers in the open source community.
  • It’s mature. Tried and tested over several years by millions of users.
  • It’s easy to use.  It features a largely plug-and-play environment once the technical environment is set up.

But,  there are downsides too, including:

  • Free WordPress themes are often buggy and not entirely secure. This means you need a good server admin background to cover these holes or spend additional money finding a developer to help you do it.
  • It does take time to learn. Even the five-minute install is based on existing server knowledge
  • Premium themes cost money. Plus, if you wish to customize the theme further this can take up time and cost you more cash.
  • The huge plugin exchange is great but also dangerous ground. Plugin conflicts or poorly constructed software can result in website downtime  and a frustrating user experience.

So is there an alternative method?  Yes, and it’s largely built around new automation techniques being put in place by leading hosting providers.    In an effort to streamline the website creation process, reduce costs and speed up your launch date you can leverage new SiteBuilder tools for either personal or business website.

In just a few clicks, you can launch a new website with no programming or HTML skills using an online wizard that vastly reduces the complexity and pain of building a new online presence.

Specifically you benefit from the following:

  • Get a new website up and running in minutes
  • Over 75 themes from which to choose from
  • A drag and drop interface.
  • Total control via an easy to use Control Panel / Dashboard
  • Includes hosting and free domain.
  • Secure and reliable. Backup up a team of engineers monitoring your server 24/7

While WordPress is a great blogging and CMS package, you may find the SiteBuilder tools more economical and dependable if you struggle with time and development resources.  The website builder does not require a contract and is available monthly, making it an attractive tool for small business owners who wish to get online quickly at affordable prices.

Guest Blogger: Jason Stevens from jason-stevens.com / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter @_jason_stevens_

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