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How do I make my website secure?

How do I make my website secure? 


To make your website secure you will need an SSL. For most basic websites we would recommend using the free Lets Encrypt SSLs that come with all our hosting plans.  

Before enabling the free SSL on the domain, the domain needs to be on the new stack Nameservers.  If you are using different nameservers, then you will need to carefully copy over your DNS to StackCP before you update your Nameservers to ensure you do not break your website or email. 

After the nameservers are changed to the stack Name servers, you can enable your free SSL from inside the StackCP control Panel. First log into your StackCP control panel and locate the ‘Security’ section shown below 


From here you need to click the ‘SSL/TLS’ option to be taken to the SSL page 


Once on this page you will see a list of your domains on this account. Simply click the ‘Activate Free SSL’ option next to the domain to activate the free SSL. Please note this can take up to 30 minutes for the SSL to activate fully.  


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