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How To Add SEO Guru To Addon Domains

This article will assist clients who have registered their domain name with UK2.NET and are using CHI Nameservers. It will help clients to add website SEO Guru to the Addon Domains.

SEO Guru is a smart Search Engine Optimisation tool that provides easy-to-follow steps and simple analytics to improve your search engine rankings, which will in turn increase traffic to your website. 

Step 1: Navigate To The Domain Section

1. Log in to CHI at

2. Select the “Domains” tab from the side table.

        domain tab 

3. Select the domain you wish to add services to.


Step 2: Order The SEO Guru Services

4. Click on the “Website SEO Guru” link from the top menu.

       Website SEO guru

5. Select which package you want from the options provided, then click “Checkout”.

      Select SEO Guru Package

Your order will be processed and the SEO Guru service added to your account.

If you have any trouble adding these services please submit a ticket through the support section of CHI, and our team will be happy to assist.

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