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How To Write A Blog Post In WordPress

A WordPress blog post is very similar to a standard page in that it is a specific location on your website. However, posts will appear within the blog section in reverse chronological order, showing newest posts first. This article will guide you through the steps of writing and publishing a post on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Specify A Destination Page For Your Blog Posts

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab from within the menu located at the left-hand side of your screen. From there, click “Reading”.

wordpress blog reading

       2. Specify the destination page to display your posts.

In this step, you will identify which of the pages you have previously created would like your blog posts to appear on.

reading settings

     3.   Edit the other options as you see fit.

You will see many other options on this page, such as “Blog posts per page”, and whether you would like to show a full blog post or just a summary of each blog on the home screen. Depending on the setup of your blog and how you would like it to appear, you may want to change some of your specific WordPress settings.

Step 2: Write A Blog Post

  1. Click on the “Posts” tab from the WordPress sidebar.

  2. Click the “Add New” link.

add new post wordpress

        3. Enter a title for your blog post and add the content you have written.

You will notice that the page you create to write the blog post looks a lot like that used to create a web page. Within WordPress, the pages to create blog posts work in the same way. You will compose your post in the text editor and can click to preview your progress at any time.

You also have the option to use different formats for each individual post. They can be found on the right-hand side of the WordPress editor.

standard format

    4.    Add Tags

Tags will help people navigate your website, find specific topics and increase your SEO value (Search Engine Optimisation). Make sure that the tags you create are simple and specific.

     5.    Click “Publish” when you are finished creating your post.

After clicking “Publish”, your post will appear under the page you chose when completing Step 1, and will immediately be available to your website visitors.

Optional Step: Adding Media To Posts

The “Media” section of the WordPress sidebar allows you to easily upload images, audio and video to use in your blog posts or on website pages. You can either simply drag and drop files onto the WordPress page, or use the upload button and select a file from within your computer files.

drop files to upload

Once you have uploaded a file, simply insert it into your blog post by clicking the “Add Media” button as seen below.

add media wordpress

If you have any questions about this process, consult the WordPress Help Pages or contact technical support by creating a ticket or opening a chat. 

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