There are three ways to change the look of your site:

  • Changing the site design
  • Changing the section style
  • Changing the section layout


Changing the site design

1. Click Site design

Site design

2. Choose from the options at the top of the page to change your site design. Return to the editor to continue editing your site

Site design page

Changing section styles

1. Click on the section you want to edit to open the section's settings

2. Click on Style

Section style

3. Select one of the options to change the style of your section

Style options

4. If you select Image, you can upload a new image or access your previously uploaded images

Add image

Changing section layout

1. Click on the section you want to change to open the settings and click Layout

Section layout

2. Select the layout you want to use and click Done

Select section layout

Headers and footers

When editing your header or footer, you can choose to make changes on a page by page basis, or to apply the changes to all pages on your site

1. Click on your header or footer to open the settings page. Click on More info

Edit header

2. To view the option to change the settings, click Change

Header information

3. Select the setting you wish to use and click Update

Change header settings

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