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  • How To Add Premium Features To Your StarterSite
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New Premium Features help you customise your StarterSite website in just a few clicks. To add Premium Features to your single-page website, simply log into your CHI account and click Manage StarterSite on your CHI dashboard. Once you have accessed the StarterSite tool, simply click Configure now from any of the Premium Feature section.  

A popup box will appear with options for your Premium Features. Choose one of the following features to add to your StarterSite website:

Custom Background Image

Add a custom image as a background for your StarterSite website.

Content Boxes

Add up to ten additional content boxes to customise your StarterSite website.

Image Gallery

Add up to twelve custom images to create an image gallery for your StarterSite website.

Once you have selected the Premium Features you would like to add, complete the checkout process by entering the necessary payment information. Your Premium Features should be added to your StarterSite account instantly.  

For more information on implementing your new Premium Features, please see the knowledgebase articles below:  

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Premium Feature: How To Add An Image Gallery