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  • How To Create And Publish Your First StarterSite Website
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Now that you have activated your Free StarterSite Account, you are ready to start designing your web page. The StarterSite dashboard offers a variety of options for your single-page website. In this article, we will cover selecting a template, entering contact and business information, and linking social media accounts. Note that as you make changes to your StarterSite Instant Website, the preview on the right-hand side of your screen will display how your site will appear to website visitors.  

Selecting a Template

From your StarterSite dashboard, you will see a section entitled Select a template for your StarterSite Website. Click the arrow to expand the section. Under the category heading, you will see a dropdown menu with various industries. Select your industry from the list and click on a template from the options for your StarterSite website. Feel free to browse the various industries as all StarterSite templates are available free of charge.  

Adding A Custom Background Image – Premium Feature

For more information on adding a custom background image, please see this Premium Feature article.  

Adding Your Business Contact Details

Once you have selected a template, please see the Your Business Contact Details section To add your business contact details, please enter the necessary contact information as seen below:  

  1. Name or Company Name

  2. Email Address

  3. Telephone Number

  4. Mobile/Cell Number  

You can choose whether you would like to display your business address on your StarterSite web page. Simply toggle the Would you like to display your business address on the website? button ON or OFF. If you do decide to include your business address, StarterSite will automatically include a map at the bottom of your web page.

Adding Content Blocks – Premium Feature

For more information on adding content blocks, please see this Premium Feature article.

Adding An Image Gallery – Premium Feature

For more information on adding an image gallery, please see this Premium Feature article.  

Linking Social Media Accounts

Below the contact information form, you can enter a description of your business. Your business description can include any important information you would like website visitors to know. Feel free to add reviews, your brand narrative, exciting promotions, or anything else you would like to display.

Under the business description, you can add social media links for various platforms. Simply enter your social media handle to include a direct connection from your website to your social media accounts. Your options include:  

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. Instagram

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Google+

  6. Skype

Entering Your Hours Of Business

For more information on setting your hours of business, please see this Opening and Closing Hours article, or for an advanced version of business hours, please see our Advanced Options article.  

Advanced Settings

To learn more about adding advanced settings and optimising your website for search engines, please see How To Add SEO To Your StarterSite.  

Previewing And Publishing Your StarterSite

Once you have entered the necessary information and contact details, you can preview your StarterSite single-page website by clicking Preview. If you are happy with your website preview, click the Publish Your StarterSite button to save your details.  

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