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  • How To Set Your Business Opening And Closing Hours
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This article will walk you through the Opening and Closing Hours section of your StarterSite Instant website.  

To access your StarterSite dashboard, log into your CHI account with your username and password. Click the Manage StarterSite button from your CHI dashboard.

Once you are viewing the StarterSite dashboard, scroll to the Opening Hours section. Click the Opening Hours settings button to make your required changes to this section.  

Standard Hours

The first option you will be presented with is whether you would like to publish your business hours. To display your hours of operation, click the toggle switch to Yes.  

Below the toggle switch, you will see fields available for you to customise your hours of operation. To make changes to each day of the week, simply click the toggle switch from Closed to Open and enter the hours of availability. Note that by default hours are set to a 24-hour format. For a 12-hour (am/pm) format, please see the Advanced Options article.  

Setting Exceptional Days

Once you have entered your hours of operation you can create exceptions in the section below. For example, you can add holidays or any other day that your hours of operation will vary. This section allows you to quickly make irregular changes to your usual schedule.  

Note that as you add changes to your StarterSite, the preview on the right-hand side of your screen will show you how your StarterSite will appear to website visitors. Once you have made changes to the Opening Hours section, you have the option to see a full-sized example of how your StarterSite will appear by clicking the Preview button. If you are satisfied with the changes made, simply press Save draft to save the changes to your StarterSite website. Note that once you have saved your opening hours, you will still need to publish your changes by clicking Publish your StarterSite.

For more information on the Advanced Options for the Opening Hours section, please see our article on the Advanced Options.