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  • How To Setup Direct Debit On Your Account
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Direct Debit is an automated payment system that you can set up to automatically pay for your UK2 services. Direct Debit can be set up through the Account page in CHI. Follow the instructions below to add Direct Debit to your account.

Step 1: Navigate To The Payment Section Of CHI.

  1. Click on the Account tab from the CHI homepage.

    account tab
  2. Click the Payments and Billing section of the Account page.

payments and building tabs

Step 2: Add your payment information

  1. Click “Add Direct Debit”

    add direct debit
  2. Add your name, sort code, and account number.

  3. Confirm that you are the account holder.

    authorize details

  4. Click continue.

  5. Check that the information is correct, then click confirm.

Direct deposit will not process for up to 7 days after being added.

All UK2 clients enrolled in Direct Debit have the Direct Debit guarantee. You can find more information on Direct Debit website.

UK2 will automatically renew your services using the Direct   Debit mandate 14 days prior to the expiry date of the  service.  Thus giving enough time for the payment to clear with your Bank, which can take up to 7 days.

Direct Debit will not process automatic billing for services that are due for renewal within 7 days.  If you would like to manually renew your service, please do so outside the 7 day window before the expiration date of the service.

You will not be able to make a first purchase on a service using Direct Debit due to the delay.

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