Website Builder Troubles Solved: Adding an External Link to the Navigation Bar

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Designing a website with Website Builder is easy as pie. But there are a few advanced techniques that can be a bit tricky to get your head around…

The UK2 tech team don’t get many calls about Website Builder. However, when they do, they fall into three categories. In this series of articles, we’ll help you solve each of these issues. This week, we ask…

How Do You Add External Links Into Your Navigation Bar?

It is possible to direct your website users from your website to another external website through the navigation bar.

To do this, you need to do something called masked forwarding. Basically,this technique allows your to redirect your website name to another website, and conceal the name of the website the readers are being redirected to.

To do this in website builder, you need to start by creating a new page. There is an Add button at the top of the menu bar on the left hand side of the website builder dashboard.

Website builder troubles 2 - 1

Click on the Add button and you will be given the following two choices…

Website builder troubles 2 - 2

Choose the Create Page option and the following form will pop up.

website builder troubles 3

Choose your page title then click Create Page. This new page will appear in the list of existing pages. Next, click on the upside down arrow icon that appears next to your newly-named page, when you hover your mouse over the name.

website builder troubles - 4

The following menu will appear…

website builder troubles 5






Select the Page Scripts option. The following box will pop up…

website builder troubles - 2 6

Next, you need to generate some code. You can do this via the website Fill in the details it asks you for under the How Do I Create A Masked Forward and click on the submit button, shown below.

website builder troubles 2 - 7

A line of code will be generated. Copy and paste this code into the Page Specific Scripts section shown above.

Click ‘save’ and you will have created a link to an external website in your navigation bar.

For more Website Builder trouble shooting, see this blog.

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