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With the UK2 Affiliate Program you can make limitless extra cash on your website, blog, email or newsletter. Simply get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with a unique banner or text link; any sales which are directed our way via your site will mean pounds in your pocket! Click below to join the UK2 Affiliate Program today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

Through the UK2 Affiliate Program you can monetise your website, blog, newsletter or other online presence. As an affiliate you simply provide your site visitors with a link through to our services, and any custom that we receive as a result of that link will mean money in your pocket. As an affiliate your link (which we create) works for you; your website is monetised by simply providing a small advert for our services!

What are the advantages of being an affiliate?

As an affiliate you can make extra money with little effort on your part. You’ll make money simply for including a link to our services on your website, so it’s cash in exchange for a small space on your site. We’ll provide the banner or link to go on your site too; our in-house designers ensure all the groundwork is complete before you receive your affiliate link! All earnings are uncapped, so you’ll be paid for every sale we receive via your site.

UK2 products

As leaders in the web hosting industry, UK2 provide online services to everyone from small time bloggers to large corporations. We help our clients establish and develop their web presence, specialising in domain names, website hosting, SEO and more advanced solutions such as dedicated servers and virtual private servers. We provide the tech behind the websites you interact with every day!

Why should you promote UK2

As an affiliate of UK2 you’ll become affiliated with one of the world’s leading web hosting organisations. We house the content of thousands of customers from around the world, keeping countless businesses worldwide online.

Best Features
of UK2 Affiliates


Unlimited Earnings

There’s no cap on the number of sales you can send our way. That means if you generate 10, 50 or even 150 sales per month you’ll see every bit of the commission you earn.


Intelligent Tracking

Our affiliate sales tracking software ensures that you see every bit of your affiliate commission, so you’re accurately compensated for your UK2 Affiliate Program work.


Banners To-Go

Our team of designers have already whipped up a range of banners that are ready to go on your site, so you’ll not even have to worry about the affiliate link looking good. Simply publish the banner and let your website do the rest!