5 SEO Tricks All Business Website Owners Need To Know

21st January, 2016 by

Make sure your website is in tip-top condition in Google’s eyes.

We would love to detail all of the ins and outs of Google’s elusive search algorithm right here. However, to say it’s behind virtual doors thicker than those at Fort Knox would be an understatement, so that’s a no go. SEO is one of the most important foundation elements in building a business’s online popularity, and it has been researched backwards and forwards to uncover helpful nuggets of information to increase your results from the search engine mecca that is Google. While some factors that go into determining where you rank in search engines lie out of your control, we have five tips that website publishers can use to catapult their site to the number one spot.

Quality over Quantity

It isn’t enough to have fun words and interesting images on your site – your content has to be deemed “quality” content by the search engines. But what makes content quality? There isn’t a concrete answer to that question, but rather it is a big-picture type of question. It boils down to this: What sets your company’s site apart from the rest? Do you have extra content that your customers not only find valuable, but that they can’t find on competitors’ sites? Do your customers spend extra time on your site because the content is so engaging and useful? Take a look at your brand DNA and ponder why a person would want to be a customer of yours in the first place, then convert that into “quality” content on your site.

The Keyword Connection

You need to tailor your content so that it pertains to your business – that much isn’t rocket science. If you have a business that trains dolphins, it doesn’t make sense to include keywords like “french fries” or “maple trees” in your site content. However, you must take a deeper dive to understand what keywords are going to get potential customers on your site. It’s not enough to throw a bunch of words onto the page that loosely relate to your company profile; you need to get into the mind of the searcher. What problems does your company solve? What questions would searchers be typing into the search engine that could be answered by the function your business performs?

Crafting Crawlability

When search engines scan your site, they determine the ease with which they can “crawl” from page to page. These scans are designed by humans, and they are designed to think like humans. Essentially, the easier it is to navigate your site when the search engine crawls its pages, the easier it will be for a person who is accessing the site to navigate your site. There are some complex ways to achieve an easy crawl, but if you’re looking for a quick fix there is one very easy thing you can do: use a sitemap. This will make it easy for the search engine to index all the pages on your site quickly and easily, thus improving both your crawlability and, in turn, your SEO.

Terrific Titles

This tip on good titling goes together with keywords. Your titles should not just be interesting and engaging to pique readers’ interest, but they should also accurately describe the content that is found on the page. The more accurate you can be with your title, the more the search engines will understand what your site is all about; when used in conjunction with the other tools this will effectively round out your SEO package.

The Fashionability of Fresh

Google has something they call the Query of Deserved Freshness. They take a look at the web and determine what words are showing up with greater frequency, then look for sites that have those words in their content. Being in vogue in a digital sense can make your site’s popularity sky rocket, so keep your finger on the internet pulse and get those words into your content as soon as you can to get the site visits rolling in.

There are a great many factors that determine your spot in the secret society of Google search results, but focusing on the above will keep you a step ahead of the rest. Get these recommendations into action now and you’ll soon be vying for the number one spot!

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