Coping With Periods Of High Traffic

11th February, 2016 by

How do you handle periods of high traffic to your website?

Online business certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle either. It may seem like there’s an endless to-do list when establishing your business’s online presence, and yet once you get everything in place and your site starts performing well there’s still the issue of actually coping with its success.

If you’re hitting all the right spots with search engine optimisation, and you have a fully functioning, easily navigable website, then you’re certainly doing something right; you can expect traffic to start building up. With a few well-placed hashtags and boosted social media posts you could even be done with the marketing side of things; nowadays a lot of business is generated through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, rather than more garish, paid-for, traditional advertisements.

So what does it mean for your website if you receive a spike in traffic?

Even if think you know your business inside out, you can’t hope to predict the nature of the internet. It’s a many-headed beast of sorts: the internet could serve you with a hundred thousand website visitors in just one hour, and slow that to five measly visitors the following day. It’s dependent on human nature – which is erratic at the best of times – and as such you should be prepared for any eventuality when managing your business website.

While we recommend a dedicated hosting solution to any business owner, the advantages of the cloud – particularly its flexibility – must be noted in this article. Cloud hosting and solid state drive virtual private servers (SSD VPS) have the ability to scale up and down as demand dictates, meaning that your resources can inflate and decrease according to an influx or decrease in traffic. This can save you valuable money which may otherwise be wasted on excess resources, and also act as a safety net, ensuring your website will perform at an optimum level regardless of its popularity.

If you’re anticipating a spike in traffic, you can prepare your backend systems to enable it to cope with the increased resource demands. For example, if you’re planning a marketing shot or a social media campaign which hopes to drive new visitors towards your website, you can scale your cloud resources in anticipation via your control panel with most web hosts. With virtual private servers from you are in full control; your cloud hosting solution can grow and flex with your business. You can construct your own cloud, allocating as much CPU power, RAM and hard disk space that you anticipate you’ll need.

Cloud servers benefit from:

  • Max speeds: our cloud servers are lightning fast thanks to our gigabit unmetered connections.
  • Self healing: If there’s a problem with any of the hardware on a cloud server, all your data will be switched onto an active cloud without any downtime.
  • Instant: You can set up your cloud server in just a few clicks, and be coping with high volumes of traffic in no time.

Check out our cloud hosting solutions over on the website.

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