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22nd September, 2015 by

Who needs Facebook?

It’s become accepted practice to use social media platforms for detailing your thoughts and daily activities. A Facebook page often becomes an interactive diary, as well as providing plentiful space for photographs and other people’s comments.

However, it isn’t necessary to rely on social media tools for cataloguing your life or recording key events. As well as offering potentially limitless space for musings and ramblings, personal websites are far better at incorporating multimedia. It’s possible to delete any embarrassing or inappropriate comments posted by third parties, and you get full control over editing or revising existing content. Sites can be expanded over time with extra pages or additional content, while the only ongoing commitment required is a modest monthly fee.

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of establishing their own website, even though it’s as easy as creating a social media profile. Although it’s possible to work with default designs, a personal website can be tailored from its colour palette and page layout to the level of interaction or information you want to provide. Text entries won’t be cut off after two lines by the words “See More”, and individual pages can be dedicated to particular topics or themes. The only limit to a personal website is your imagination, though it’s advisable to think about content and appearance before starting out to ensure the site can live up to any expectations or aspirations.

Creating a personal website can be done without venturing beyond the site you’re already on – As one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies, UK2 specialise in providing the domain names and shared hosting required to create a website from scratch. There’s no need for expensive options like dedicated hosting if your site will merely contain a few YouTube videos and lengthy rants about the Great British Bake Off – the total amount of storage required for a site like this will be minute compared to corporate or e-commerce sites.

People often wrongly assume that creating a website requires sophisticated technology or dedicated servers, but there’s no need to have a high-end computer, or even a computer at all. Sites can be designed on a tablet, since the processing power required to run the website is provided by the hosting company and everything is hosted online (also known as in the cloud). A related email account will be created as part of any new package, enabling people to channel all communications through a dedicated address, while choosing a website name is as simple as entering your preferred title into a search box to see whether it’s still available. Popular domain names like will already be in use, though the ever-increasing number of website suffixes means (at the time of writing) and are still available.

UK2 provide a simple website building service, with a three-stage creating and publishing process. Since most people regard content as being more important than design, there are over 200 ready-made templates that can still be personalised by dragging and dropping elements like graphics or text. Maps, social media links and photo galleries/slideshows can be included and given varying degrees of prominence, simply by moving them around on each page. You don’t have to understand computer programming languages or be familiar with technical jargon to create a personal website.
Even internet novices can build a website within a few minutes, and for free, courtesy of UK2’s Instant Website tool. This creates a one-page website based on existing template designs, which can then be expanded on over time. Essential features like a contact form are provided, and a process known as mobile optimisation automatically ensures that your website will look as good on a smartphone as it does on a laptop screen. Over time, it’s possible to introduce sophisticated content or add technical functions like e-commerce, allowing a personal website to grow and expand as required.

Get started on your personal website by taking a look around!

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