How A Genius Lives

3rd August, 2017 by

Blogging, Vlogging, Instagramming… there are people out there making their income from doing what they love, and sharing it with us day in, day out, and we’ve still not quite got our heads round this combination. However, the dream of turning your passion into your day job doesn’t have to be so far out of reach. These people were in regular jobs before they ‘made it’, and we’ve identified a few things which may have helped them get to where they are now.

We’ve taken into account their exercise, sleep, travel, day jobs, creative work, and food and leisure, and measured them against an hourly scale so you can see whether these super humans are really just like us.

Aside from the fact that only a few of our influencers have regular day jobs, their lives seem relatively normal for someone at the top of their game. There is a notable exception though: Steven Bartlett – CEO of Europe’s largest social marketing agency and now an inspiring lecturer and Vlogger – apparently functions on three hours’ sleep per night. Early starts, plenty of exercise and bags of creative work feature strongly.

Is there a topic you’re extremely passionate about? Whether it’s exercise, food, mental health or anything else, find yourself an audience and before long a you’ll be making a new living. The first thing you have to do is find yourself a spot on a hosting site and you’re away!

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