How To Blog Like A Creative Pro With WordPress!

6th February, 2018 by

Being creative and expressing ideas drives those of us who are innovative and love originality. We also live in a digital world which is always connected. So what better way to spread your creativity than with an awesome blog? Blogging is the ultimate way to express yourself and show the world what you think, create or make. To do this in the best possible way, you need a platform with fantastic and creative features: meet WordPress.

What Makes A WordPress Blog Great?

Before you start, be selective about the type of blog you wish to have, just as you are with your own writing:

#1. First Impressions Count!

You need a blog that is not only fully functional but also looks appealing and professional. Once you have WordPress installed, there are two options: build a blog from scratch (this is well suited to the designers out there!) or you can buy a professionally designed template that has been tried and tested for a one-off fee. There are also many free templates available online too. Check out some of these designs!

#2. Share to Your Heart’s Content

What would the world be without social media? As a creative individual you can’t afford to not tap into this ocean of connectivity. Any blog that wishes to succeed must have a wider variety of social media sharing options and features. And guess what, WordPress makes it easy to add social sharing buttons as well as integrating full Facebook and Instagram feeds on your homepage. Imagine someone reads your latest post and wants to share it on Facebook. One click on the Facebook share icon and it’s done.

#3. Updating Your Blog: the Power is in Your Hands

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to manage your own blog updates. Imagine you get inspired late at night and you need to upload a new post or image or make some changes to your site. WordPress has a user-friendly backend system which lets you make changes easily from anywhere, at any time. You can play around with colour, fonts, and much more to change the theme (or look) of your blog as well as make layout changes. Independence is power!

#4. The Possibilities Are Endless

As WordPress is “open source” (basically this means it’s free and anyone can contribute) the number of features that are available to add to your blog are endless. Many techies have created and tested such “widgets” which you can then plug into your site. One example is email subscription: you can choose from several formats, then add the one you prefer to your site. This widget will allow a user to enter their email address, and it will go straight to your account. This way you are compiling a list of followers ready to receive your first newsletter.

#5. Suddenly Want to Expand?

What if your blog becomes really popular and users want to start buying your products, or due to demand you see an expansion opportunity you hadn’t accounted for? Easy! With WordPress you can add an online shop to your existing blog without fuss, you can build a proper multiple page website, start offering a booking service for your clients to book appointments, and much more.

From one WordPress convert to hopefully another, why wait?

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