How To Find An SEO Guru

30th May, 2018 by

There’s a common misconception that search engine optimisation only relates to words on a website. In reality, it extends so much further than this. The algorithms used to calculate website rankings take hundreds of factors into account, ranging from a website’s age and frequency of updates to the number of inbound links from other sites. Algorithms evaluate the use of HTML code like page headers and image descriptions, the estimated speed at which a site will download, and even how many mentions the company gets on social media.

Expert opinions

SEO is clearly a big deal. But where do you start if you can’t tell social signals from style sheets? One option is to ask the experts, and without wishing to sound immodest, UK2 would be included in any meeting of SEO experts. We provide all our clients with ultra-reliable servers that ensure your website is live when the web crawlers visit – offline websites are heavily punished in future search results. Our Website Builder tool augments our guru hosting services by enabling even technophobes to create mobile-optimised websites that automatically resize for different screen sizes. And then there’s our SEO Guru hosting and management package…

SEO Guru was designed in recognition of the fact many people struggle to identify how their website could be improved. By stripping out industry jargon and focusing on practical, achievable steps, we’ve created a user-friendly way to boost site traffic and ranking results. For less than £10 per month (plus VAT), our Business Package includes all the elements a small company will need. And for a few pounds more each month, our Business Plus package supports enterprise-level businesses with up to a thousand web pages on their sites.

All part of the service

UK2’s SEO Guru hosting and site management packages both provide the following features:

  •        A detailed SEO report, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a website
  •        Personalised recommendations in up to 50 separate areas, with clear instructions
  •        Hundreds of pages scanned daily for updates or issues, like missing title tags
  •        A report detailing which websites link to yours – ideal for strengthening inbound links
  •        Analysis of competitor websites, benchmarking your site against theirs
  •        Recommendations on which keywords should be used in specific industries
  •        Reports on keyword rankings, identifying the performance of up to 15 search terms
  •        Alerts and notifications if anything begins to affect overall SEO performance analysis of your site’s social media presence and tips on improving its popularity updates on social media algorithm changes that might affect your site’s performance.

And if you’re still unsure about our SEO Guru hosting and management platform, UK2 offers a 30-day free trial. Our initial report is provided free of charge, without any obligation to sign up. However, once you discover how many areas SEO affects – and how many elements of a typical site are ripe for improvement – we think you’ll see it as money well spent…

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Get started with the experts today with UK2’s SEO Guru. You won’t regret it.