Merry Blogmas From UK2!

21st December, 2015 by

We’re taking a look at the past year on the UK2 blog.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as we draw closer to 2016 we’ve been taking some time to review all that’s happened for us throughout the past year. It’s been a big year for us at we’ve launched a range of new services, had a website and blog makeover, and met some great new clients.

We’ve had a lot to say over the past year, penning over 200 blog posts for the UK2 blog! We’ve discussed Google’s new parent company, big new releases from yours truly and several generic top level domain releases, along with a range of weird and wonderful topics from the world of business and technology, which so frequently crop up in the digital age.

If you’re new to the UK2 blog you can expect to see some well-informed content written with the aim of equipping you with the information you need to get online, from buying a domain name to marketing your business and performing well in the search engine rankings. With the digital age constantly progressing there’s much for businesses both small and large to consider and react to, and we aim to help out with important updates and tips and tricks to boost your site – be it for business or personal use.

So which posts were the most popular this year?

What does your domain name say about your business?

As there are so many domain names available to register – currently over 800 – it can be tricky to decide on which ones you should snap up to represent your business. Choosing a domain name is a huge decision for any fledgling company; it will guide your customers to your website and as such must be memorable and ideally quite short – we recommend keeping your domain name within a 15-character limit. This blog post reviewed the various web address ending options and what they could be saying about your business, to ensure you make the right decision.

To register your very own domain name, check that it’s available over on our domain name search page.

Where are we with internet privacy?

Online security is a very real and very important issue in the online world. Keeping your sensitive data under lock and key is of vital importance in today’s digital environment; we’re at constant risk from hackers, spammers and phishing attacks. Despite our increasingly vigilant efforts though, many of us are still using weak passwords and not taking the necessary precautions to secure our sensitive information.

This blog post shines a light on the current privacy laws in the UK, and best practice for keeping your information locked away online.

Shaun is in the city!

Here at UK2 we do our utmost to give back to our local community, and this year that led to us partnering with Aardman to sponsor a giant Shaun The Sheep statue! Our Shakespearean Shaun, which was called To Sheep Perchance To Dream, stood in pride of place outside the Globe Theatre on London’s Southbank as a part of an installation of 70 statues across London and Bristol. The trail of Shaun statues was then auctioned off later in the year to raise money for children’s hospitals. This blog post proved just as popular as the trail; you can find out more about the project by checking it out!

Find out more about UK2’s social responsibility projects on this page.

Search engine optimisation for online business.

It’s no secret that Google likes to change their elusive algorithm regularly, and keeping up with these updates can feel like a never-ending task. Getting started with your search engine optimisation efforts is relatively easy if you know how to tick all the boxes, and this blog post is a great place to start. It outlines just how search engine optimisation works and includes several tips on how to perform well, detailing specifically how online businesses will benefit from pleasing Google.

You can take our free SEO performance report by clicking here!

Merry blogmas! We look forward to providing useful information via our blog into 2016 and beyond.

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