Showcase Your Team Spirit With A gTLD

18th September, 2015 by

A generic top level domain name could be the choice for you as you set up the online environment for your team!

Did you know that .club is one of the most popular web address endings on the web? We love to take part in activities as a team or in a club, and our online activity reflects that. There is a whole host of domain names you should be considering to direct traffic to your club’s or team’s website. Nowadays all teams should have a site to keep members and supporters up to date on news, events and everything in between.

What’s a domain name?

A domain name is the web address your website visitors will need to access your site. It’s a representation of your IP address (a string of numbers) which is easy to remember and simpler to input into a search bar. For us, our domain name is which we find much easier to type in than You can go ahead and type that number into your web browser, though, and you’ll still find yourself on our website.

So what’s on offer?

We have a range of generic top level domain names available which would perfectly compliment your team website. Following a shortage in .coms, .nets and .orgs, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began releasing a series of alternative web address endings, encouraging business, individuals and now teams alike to bring some individuality to your web presence!

Below is a list of some of our favourite team spirit domain names:


Football is the UK’s favourite sport! There are over 140 professional football leagues in the UK containing more than 480 divisions: that’s a lot of players. Football is a sport which unites families and communities come rain or shine, and it brings the whole world together once every four years for the battle over the World Cup. It’s safe to say that the English haven’t been the most successful on the world stage, but there’s plenty of homegrown talent waiting in the wings to change all that!

Share images, videos and news with your team and the community with a .football domain name!

If football isn’t your activity of choice, how about a .tennis?


The all-encompassing .club domain name is one of the most popular web address endings available on the net; on its first day of availability over 32,000 .club domains were snapped up. Why is it so popular? The simple answer: its message.

By registering a .club domain you showcase your sense of togetherness and true community spirit, whether it’s a book club or an after school club, the term ‘club’ denotes a collective group of likeminded people who share a passion for or interest in something.

Join the .club today and set up your very own online community for just £9.99/year, or alternatively why not consider registering a .community domain name?


Be it rock, jazz, pop or punk, music has the power to bring us together like nothing else. Being a part of a band is a liberating experience and your bandmates become more family than a team, but the music industry can be a tough place.

Marketing your brand online is good business sense; if you hope to be successful your band should be treated like a business. Your website can house event updates, gig dates, a merchandise store and ticket information all in one place for a global audience: your band won’t be limited to communicating with the locals at the community fête.

Strike a note online with a .band domain for just £14.99/year and watch your fan base grow!

Check out the full list of our available gTLDs over on our domain name registration page: we’re positive you’ll find the web address ending for you!

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