Ten Reasons To Host A Site On WordPress

11th October, 2017 by

Here at UK2, we’re big fans of WordPress. And we reckon you should be, too. The world’s most popular content management system offers a winning blend of virtues, and below are listed ten reasons why you should consider WordPress site hosting for your next blog, ecommerce platform or corporate website…

  1. Affordability. You can launch a site for less than £10, including the purchase of a domain name. Many templates and plugins are free, as is tech support through a thriving online community. WordPress site hosting is also affordable, especially through UK2.
  2. Simplicity. WordPress sites are constructed using a drag-and-drop interface that avoids any need for coding skills or design agencies, and its content management software makes updates easy. It’s possible to build and launch a site in 30 minutes.
  3. Diversity. Simple it may be, but there’s no shortage of personalisation available with WordPress. Thousands of themes await customisation, ensuring your site will be completely unique and distinct. And that’s before you start adding plugins…
  4. Plugins. Over 52,000 WordPress plugins have been created, each performing a specific task. From SEO (Yoast) and analytics (SumoMe) to marketing (MailChimp) and contact forms (WPForms), installing these bolt-on programs is child’s play.
  5. CMS. Successful websites need updating regularly, and WordPress site hosting comes with CMS interfaces that support frequent revisions. This boosts SEO rankings, as well as giving audiences a reason to revisit your site regularly.
  6. Security. WordPress are very active when it comes to patching security issues and responding to new threats. From firewalls to comment spam filters, there are few ways to create a more secure and stable online presence.
  7. Ecommerce. Ecommerce transactions are still dwarfed by high street spending in the UK. WordPress is redressing the balance with robust and user-friendly ecommerce. One plugin can handle stock levels, payment, order confirmations and feedback.
  8. Responsiveness. Because most of the world’s web traffic is carried on mobile devices nowadays, WordPress templates resize to suit each user’s output device. That improves the site’s SEO, while making it more user-friendly, which can drive up sales and enquiries.
  9. Rapidity. At UK2, we’re proud to offer optimised WordPress site hosting. We use cutting-edge server hardware to ensure each web page’s contents display in no time – further accelerating these streamlined templates.
  10. Peace of mind. We’ve been managing WordPress sites for many years, and we’ve rarely encountered anyone who’s dissatisfied with the world’s leading CMS. We’re so confident you’ll like it, we offer new customers a 30-day money back guarantee.
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