Twelve Ways to Monetise Your Blogging Website

5th June, 2017 by

Blogging is great fun, but it’s far more rewarding if an income stream can be generated from engaging and original content.


Here are twelve tips on how to make money blogging:


  1.     Brand building. Companies use blogs to drive traffic to their site and increase sales. Knowing how to make money blogging involves building a reputation for expertise.
  2.     Advertising. Commercial ad agencies won’t consider a site without high volumes of traffic, but display ad opportunities still exist through platforms like Google AdSense.
  3.     Sponsored posts. Sometimes, companies or individuals will pay to appear in a well-known blog. You might also be offered a fee to create positive reviews on your blog.
  4.     Subscriptions. If you’re writing lengthy, regular or high-profile copy, a paywall may be justifiable. Many people would pay a pound or two for entertaining new content.
  5.     Premium content. Expand on the above point with a two-tier business model. Make some content available for free, but add a fee to access lengthier or newer material.
  6.     Affiliate marketing. This is a popular answer to the question of how to make money blogging. Links to products for sale on third-party websites can earn a commission.
  7.     Webinars. Webinars can be more personal and educational than blogs. People interested in what you have to say are often willing to pay for webinar access.
  8.     Training. If you prove yourself to be an expert, colleges and media outlets might pay for your presence. You can also host events and seminars with an attendance fee.
  9.     Consulting. Building on the last point, why not offer consultancy or mentorship services? Graduates and students will pay for expert assistance, as will companies.
  10.  Republishing. An easy tip for how to make money blogging – generate income by publishing existing content in printed or electronic books, or on third-party websites.
  11.  Merchandise. As your brand grows, consider merchandise. Catchphrases or logos can be applied to anything from T-shirts and tea towels to carvings and costume jewellery.
  12.  Donations. Why not appeal to people’s charitable side by inviting contributions? Wikipedia and The Guardian do it, and donation pages are easily established…
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