Have a question at three o’clock in the morning? No problem. Our team of experts is here to support you 24x7x365. Whether you have a problem to solve or simply need some advice on configuring your server, our experts are available to help you via email, chat and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Best Features
of Managed Support


Plus Ones

Enhanced Support is UK2’s basic level of managed support – it’s for those who don’t have much experience setting up and configuring a server.

It includes Assisted Start-up and priority response times from our support team. As well as priority 24x7x365 support, our team of experts is here to help you install software, configure security and get the best from your dedicated server.


Super Speed

Dedicated hosting can be tough, especially when you’re just getting started. Whether you’re setting up a new dedicated server or moving from an existing provider, simply answer a few questions & we can get your server up and running and data migrated in no time at all.


All You Can Eat

Upgrade to Premium Support and we’ll configure, monitor, update and proactively manage your server for you. So, if there’s an issue at 2am, you don’t need to worry about it, we’ll have it covered, get you back online and let you know what went wrong. Our highly-trained support experts will configure and manage your dedicated server for optimum performance and security.

Tech Specs

OS Supported
All Linux
Configure Server (Basic server set-up)
System update
Configure Security
Install software
Migrate Data
Domain & DNS migration
1 month priority response
Price (Standard support only)

How do the options compare?

OS supported
All Linux
CentOS (with cPanel) only
CentOS (with cPanel) only
Bundled software
cPanel, Server Density
cPanel, Server Density
Assisted Start-up
£39 option
Ongoing security Monitoring
Alert notifications
to our team
Response to issues
Priority response times
Install software upgrades & patches
on request
on request
Enhanced SLA (timer starts)
When outage is reported
When outage is reported
When outage occurs
Dedicated Account Manager
Direct access to 3rd Line experts
Server admin tasks
on request
on request
£39 per month
£69 per month

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Situated near the beating heart of London’s digital hub. Our fully-owned London datacentre is...


We own, manage and secure our London data centre entirely, meaning that no third parties may have access to your sensitive information. The data centre is equipped with optical, ionisation and heat detection sensors, along with VESDA fire detection. Staff are also on-site around the clock, ensuring your machine’s security at all times


CCTV monitoring is in action at the data centre at all times and in all areas, complete with PIR motion detectors to highlight any adverse activity. The site is inconspicuous, and operates a dual-factor entry system and stringent attendance logging. The site perimeter is alarmed, and equipped with beam detectors.


The protection and maintenance of your data is integral to our operations; redundancy is built into our infrastructure as standard. Our systems are designed and built from the ground up to ensure your data is live and in-tact. The data centre has an N+1 generator power supply, 15 105kW DX CRAC units and intelligent cooling system to ensure optimal performance. Our surplus generators can power the site for days in the event of a long-term power disruption.

For Speed

Our network infrastructure is built on 100% premium Cisco hardware, with 200Gb of connectivity and multiple industry leading transit providers with multiple fibre endpoints. All dedicated server machines are connected to 1Gbps dedicated ports on fully redundant switches, ensuring downtime is no issue.