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.The silver linings of the .cloud

How did we manage before the cloud? Workers turned up to important presentations and sales pitches having left their keynote speeches on a USB back at HQ, working from home was close to impossible because staff couldn’t access important company documents safely without physically going into the office. In addition, it was harder to work collaboratively and share thoughts on projects because the best way to pool ideas was to sit around a flip chart in an office.

In our personal lives, meanwhile, photo albums were lost as laptops gave up the ghost and entire music collections vanished as hard drives died.

Cloud computing began its campaign for world domination in the early 2000s, and it’s shown no signs of stopping since. The technology underpins the majority of the online applications and popular websites that the world visits daily.

Its future potential, also seems limitless: what will the cloud accomplish next?

Who’s the .cloud domain for?

The .cloud domain name was created specifically because it recognises the future possibilities of all things cloud related, and flies the flag for it.In the coming years, the .cloud domain name will be the insignia for any cloud-aligned business. It will be the domain of anyone who wants to showcase their cloud computing expertise, cloud consultants, cloud service providers, cloud educators, and basically any authority that takes the cloud and all its silver linings seriously.