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The evolution of .earth

The first top level domains were introduced to the internet in 1985. Back then the likes of .com, .org and .net were enough to serve the needs of the online world.

But a lot has changed since 1985. From just a handful of websites, the internet is now home to more than 1.8 billion blogs, sales sites, info pages, online encyclopedias, and much more.

In the 21st century the world wide web has become swamped with .com, .org and .net web addresses, and it’s reached the point where all the sensible web addresses are taken. Even if you’ve got a quirky one-of-a-kind business name like Golden Koala, you’ll be lucky to get a .com domain for it.

This is where the earth domain comes in. Not only does it create more space on the internet, but it says so much more than its 1980s counterparts. It has a gravity all of its own.

Here’s why it’s time to populate .earth

If you’re a company, earth names say you’re global. The domain stands for international sales, multi-national offices, and cross-country cooperation.

If you stand for a good cause, .earth says you’re working for world-wide recognition. You want to make a change to more than just the people and places on your doorstep: you want to alter the status quo across all seven continents.

If you’re passionate about the environment, .earth aligns you with similar minds from all four corners of the world. It’s the virtual ID card that says you care about issues affecting the planet, whether it’s pollution, resource depletion, global warming, or any other environmental issues.

And if you’re an individual, .earth unites you with a population of more 7.6 billion people. It says you’re serious about your time on the third rock from the sun, and acknowledges that other .earths are too.