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The .guru domain - 22 millennia in the making

The origin of the word guru can be traced back to the first millennium BC. It’s a sanskrit term that translates as ‘imparter of knowledge’. Back then it meant more than just teacher. The term transcended that word to stand for authority, mastery and enlightenment.

It may be 22,000 years since it was first coined, but the word guru is just as relevant today. In fact, it’s just been given a new lease of life in the form of the .guru domain.

Who is the .guru domain for?

Experts: .guru is the domain of consultants. Whether you offer professional advice on security, interior design or management techniques, you can make your web address more memorable with a .guru.

Trainers: If you offer training of any kind - be it personal fitness coaching, IT skills, or even health and safety courses - you can give your web address more clout and character with a .guru domain.

Leading businesses: You know you’re the leader in your field, but how do you get that across to brand new customers? With a .guru you can make a start in the search results pages. Picture the scene: a customer is looking for a graphic design firm. They Google. The search results page shows up, and your .guru web address appears next to a competitor's .com. Which one stands out? Which would you choose?

Online CVs: When you work in a creative industry, you sometimes need a creative CV. Especially in fields like the media, design and marketing, the best jobs can attract hundreds of candidates at a time. So applicants get inventive with their CVs. Create one with a difference with a .guru web address. Then grab the attention of potential employers by sending them a link to your online .guru resume.