Asked Questions

What's happening and why?

UK2 Group previously consisted of several independent hosting service provider brands, including Westhost,, Midphase and 100TB. UK2 Group was acquired by The Hut Group (THG) in 2017, and in order to improve the services we provide to all customers, we are streamlining our products and hosting brands. The new division will be known as THG Ingenuity Hosting, and all customers from Westhost,, Midphase and 100TB will be served by this division moving forwards.

If I am already a customer of UK2, will I need to make any changes?

No, we will be taking care of everything and keeping you updated.

Will the level of support provided to me change?

Absolutely not, we will continue to provide you with excellent service. These changes will help us make improvements to the service we provide you.

Will the method of how I contact support change?

You will be able to submit a ticket, chat with us live or give us a call. All the details of how to contact us can be found here: contact us

Will the legal entity that I'm contracted with change?

No, your contract is still with Limited.

Will my pricing change?

The pricing for your current services won't change during your contract term. As with any service, the price may change in the future but this would only apply at your contract renewal.

Where will I login to manage my services? Are my credentials the same?

To log into your account click here. There is no change to your username and password. If you previously had accounts with more than one UK2 Group company, you will be asked which account you wish to login to.

Will there be any disruption of service related to this rebrand?

There will be no disruption of service or down time caused by this rebrand.

Will support continue to be available 24x7x365?

Yes support will continue to be available 24x7x365.

Will I need to re-enter my billing information?


My question was not answered in this FAQ, how can I get more information?

Please raise a support ticket through your control panel and we'll do our best to answer your question.

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