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How do I connect via FTP?

How to connect to FTP 

To connect to FTP, first head to your Manage hosting page: 

Click the ‘Manage’ button next to the package you wish to connect to. From here you will see your Manage hosting screen.  

Click on the Orange ‘Manage StackCP’ button to be taken to your StackCP control panel. 


Once logged into Stack CP you will find your FTP details and FTP section on the right-hand side under the Account overview information 

Please check these details carefully as they will be different for every user.  


Note: To see your password please click the eye icon next to the password. If you want to change the password, click on the pencil Icon and enter your new password. Then click the tick to save. 


The first step is to unlock your FTP account.  

This can be done in one of two ways: 

  • Unlock by time: 

  • Click the settings button 

  • Select the amount of time you wish to unlock your FTP for. (Up to 28 days) 

  • Click Unlock FTP 

  • Unlock by IP  

  • Click the settings button 

  • Enter the IP address of the device or devices you are using to connect (Please use an IP checker such as if you are unsure). If you need to enter multiple IPs, please separate them with a comma (,) 

  • Click Unlock FTP by IP 

Note: If your ISP changes your IP this will break the FTP unlock. In this instance we recommend unlocking by time. 


NOTE: Only one of these unlocking methods can be used at once 

The second step is to connect to your FTP client. 

Once the account is unlocked you then need to enter the details show in your FTP section into your FTP application and click connect. You should now be connected to your FTP account. 


Common Error: 

  • Response: 530 Login failed: please verify the username and password supplied, and that FTP locking is either disabled or permitted for your current IP address 

Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server 

This either means: 

  • Your account FTP is still locked, or the IP provided is incorrect if unlocking by IP. Please recheck the Locking feature and either unlock by time or correct the IP entered.  

  • Your Username or Password is incorrect. Please recheck these details ensuring they are entered exact then try the connection again. 


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