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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Why are updates not showing on my website after I've been migrated? 


The most likely cause of this issue is our new Content Delivery Network (CDN). The new CDN feature caches your website and serves the cached copy of the site across multiple nodes globally. This means a faster load time for your site no matter where your visitors are from.  

The CDN feature is turned on by default on all packages so if you are making changes to your site, we would recommend enabling Development mode. This clears the cache and stops the site from being cached again for 3 hours while changes are made to your site. After a period of 3 hours the CDN is then automatically re-enabled.  

To enable development mode please first log into your StackCP account and go to the ‘CDN’ section.

From here click on the ’Edge Caching’ option. This will take you to the
’Edge Caching’ page:


From here simply enable the ‘Development Mode’ by clicking the toggle option next to it. This will then enable development mode for 3 hours.  


If you have already made the changes, then you may need to clear the cache completely. To do this, follow the same steps as above until you get to the ‘Edge Caching’ page. From here scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the ‘Purge Cache’ section shown below 


From here simply click the ‘Purge Everything’ button to clear the cache globally. This will take around 30 minutes for all the cached pages to clear and then any changes you made should show on the site.  

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