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This article contains answers for the most commonly asked questions regarding CHI, our new, cutting-edge Client Hosting Interface.  

What is CHI?

CHI (client hosting interface) is our user-friendly control panel that allows you to view and manage all of your hosting services. You can manage your domains, upgrade your hosting plan, view your account details, or submit a support ticket. We have developed CHI in-house in an effort to consolidate and simplify the web hosting process. Its development is an on-going process and features will continuously be added.   

How do I sign into CHI?

 Use the sign-in page here: Your username will initially be your email address. If you do not have your password, use the Forgot Password link to reset it.

I am an existing client prior to 25-APR-2014, what happens when I purchase a new domain?

For existing clients prior to 25-APR-2014, you will still have your account at However, if you purchase a new domain you will also have a CHI account created at  Your older products and services prior to 25-APR-2014 won't appear there yet and will be migrated across soon. In the meantime you can place orders from if you would like to keep everything together.

Where do I find my FTP, SSH, and cPanel logins?

 All three will use the same credentials. You can find these details and change them by signing into CHI, clicking the Shared Hosting Tab on the left, then choosing your domain name when it becomes visible. signing into CHI, clicking the Shared Hosting Tab on the left, then choosing your domain name when it becomes visible. On the Overview tab, you can find FTP and SSH credentials. Your cPanel log-ins will be the same. To change these credentials, click the Change Password button at the bottom of the Credentials box. 

CHI isn't allowing me to sign into cPanel. The page never loads. How do I access it?

Technical Support can resolve this for you, however, if you would like to access it directly you can. Use the following example substituting your own domain name: URL: Your Username and Password are found in CHI and are the same as your FTP / SSH credentials.

Can I purchase a legacy UK2 account? 

 Yes if you would like to keep all of your services on, you can by purchasing  domains here and servers here However any new purchases from will be setup in  

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