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How Do Resource Restrictions Work On UK2.NET Servers

In order to keep our shared servers well balanced, we must invoke a cap on the amount of CPU and memory usage your account can utilize. This ratio is balanced by a team of System Administrators for each server—your account should average 1% of all server resources.

While occasional spikes in resource usage are acceptable, continue over-utilization may result in our admin team contacting you to resolve issues.

Generally speaking, you won’t run into a problem unless you fall under one of the following categories:

Host a large number of downloadable files
Become a victim of the “digg” effect where a large number of visitors happen upon your website in a short amount of time
Utilize a great number of server-side scripts (such as PHP or RoR)
Host community oriented software (such as a blog, forum, etc.) that becomes popular

If you go over your allotment, you’re account will likely be suspended and an e-mail will be dispatched explaining what happened.

Nobody wants their account to be suspended, but we have little choice in order to keep the peace on the other accounts located on your server.

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