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How To Create An Email Forwarder In CHI

An Email Forwarder is an email address that automatically relays emails from senders to a different email address. Your UK2 email address includes the ability to create email forwarders in the CHI Control Panel. Follow the steps below to do so:

Step 1: Go to the domain tab in CHI

  1. Log into CHI at

      2. Click on the “Domains” tab on the left.
Domain tab

      3. Click on the domain you want to create an email address for.
select domain

Step 2: Create an email forwarder

  1. Click the “Email” tab.

    add forwarder

        2. Click “Add Forwarder”

      3. Enter the email you want under “Account name” (for example, if you want, enter info under “Account name”)

      4. Enter the email address you want the emails to go to.

      5.  Click “Save”.

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