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How To Manage Users In WordPress

The “Users” section within your WordPress press account allows you to create individual logins for anyone who edits, writes or designs your website. This article was created by UK2.NET as a step-by-step guide to show you how to manage the users on your WordPress Premium Hosting Package.

Section 1: How To Navigate To The User Section in WordPress

  1. Click on the WordPress tab within your CHI account, as seen in the thumbnail below:

wordpress tab

       2. Select the domain associated with your WordPress account.

       3. Click the button titled “Go To WordPress Admin Area”.

       4. You can also navigate to, replacing “” with your actual domain, to reach your WordPress Admin area.wordpress admin area

     5. Once on the WordPress Admin page, click on the “Users” tab and then click the “All Users” button to manage the users associated with your account.

all users

Section 2: How To Add Users

  1. From the “Users” section, click on the “Add New” button. This button can be found at the top of your screen as seen in the thumbnail below.

add new user

       2. Fill in all of the required fields, including Username, Email, First Name and Last Name.

      3. Generate a password for the user you are creating by clicking the “Show Password” button.

      4. Tick the box next to “Send the new user an email about their account” to automatically send all important user information to the email address associated with the new user account.

      5. Select a role for the user. If you are unsure what each role entails, below you will find a detailed explanation of each available role in WordPress:

    • Subscriber: The basic user type. This user can change their own account information and leave comments.

    • Editor: This role can manage, edit, publish and unpublish posts.

    • Author: This user role can write and publish their own posts.

    • Contributor: This user can write posts, but cannot publish them. Posts will instead be submitted for review.

     6.  Click “Add New User” to save all new changes to your WordPress Admin account.

 add new user

Section 3: How To Edit or Delete Users

  1. You also have an edit/delete users option in WordPress. Simply hover over their username with your mouse to see the options.

delete user

      2. If you select “Edit” you will be taken to a page containing account information. You can change various options within the user section.

      3. When you’ve finished editing the material, click “Update User” to save the settings.

update user

If you have any questions about this or any other task please visit the WordPress help forum, or contact our support staff by opening a chat or creating a ticket.

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