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How To Navigate The Home Menu in CHI

The Home menu of CHI allows you to quickly access the different aspects of web hosting. This article will guide you through the various tabs in CHI.


 home tab

The Home tab of the CHI interface can be used to reach several places of your account. 
When you first log into the interface, you are seeing the Home screen. You can reach this location at any time by selecting the house on the top of the Navigation panel located on the left.
From within the Home screen you will see three boxes. Each box gives information about your hosting services with


domain tab

On the far left of the screen you will find the Domain panel. Here you can see the total number of domains registered with and a notification if any of those domains will expire within the next 30 days.
For more information on your domains you can click on the “See all domains” button in the lower right hand corner of the panel.  


support tab

In the center of the Home screen you will see the Support panel. Here you can see how many open support requests you have.
For more information on your support requests, you can click on the “See all support requests” button.

Shared Hosting

shared hosting tab

In this panel you can see all of your hosting accounts with and the date they will expire.
For more information you can click on the button “See all shared hosting accounts”.  

SSL Certificate

ssl tab

This section will show you all of the domains that currently have SSL certificates installed. Also, it will show you exactly which ones are set to expire and you will have the option to configure the SSLs.  

Dedicated Server

dedicated server

This will show you the number of dedicated servers you currently have or will give you the opportunity to 'Get Started Now' to purchase a dedicated server.

Website Builder 

website builder tab

This section will show the number of Website Builder services you have, when they are expiring, and how many have already expired. You will also have the options to edit your site or manage renewals from the Home screen  

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