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How To Upgrade A Shared Hosting Package

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This article will help clients change their Shared Hosting service plan. 

Step 1: Navigate To Your Shared Hosting Package

1. Log into

2. Click “Shared Hosting” from the left menu bar.

      CHI shared hosting symbol.png

3. Select your domain name from the domain list.

      CHI hosting service.png

Step 2: Follow The Change Your Package Directions

4. Click the “Change your package” button from the right side of the page.

      CHI change your package button.png

5. Choose to regrade your package today or when it renews.

       CHI regrade package.png

Step 3: Choose Your New Hosting Package

6. Select the service package that you desire from the drop down menu.

      CHI regrade serviceplan drop down.png

7. Proceed through checkout, selecting payment information and clicking “Checkout”.

  Your changes will then be processed. If you have any questions please feel free to submit a ticket or chat with our Billing team.  

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