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Here are some frequently asked questions from customers.

Can I increase the default email account quota?

A: No.

  • You will not be able to increase your email quota for your email account as the limit set within the email is 200MB.

  • If you wish to increase your mailbox quota size you will need to purchase a web hosting package of essential web hosting via one of the following routes:

  1. Through our site

  2. From within your CHI account under "SHARED HOSTING".

  3. Or by contacting our sales department either through our chat system on or by phone during regular business hours (0800 612 2142).

Why do I have a [- negative] amount of email addresses available?

A: The reason for the negative emails is due to the web hosting package on your account or that fact that the extra email services that were purchased have expired.

To resolve this issue you will need to either renew the additional emails that were originally purchased or you can look to purchase a web hosting package of essential web hosting or:

  1. Through our site

  2. From within your CHI account under "SHARED HOSTING".

  3. Or by contacting our sales department either through our chat system on or by phone during regular business hours (0800 612 2142).

Why is my site slow?

A: There are many factors around any site may be slow. Below are a few of these reasons:

  1. Account resource usage is high (too many plugins, cron-jobs, themes using resources).

  2. Too many subdomains and/or addon domains utilising the same resources on the web hosting account.

  3. The photos on the website are too large to view online.

  4. There may be too many CSS files or the site may not be cached.

Why will SiteBuilder not open for me?

A: The SiteBuilder is on a specific server within our data centre which requires the domain to be pointed to within the DNS. Once you have configured the DNS A record to point the domain to the SiteBuilder you can then access SiteBuilder.

 You will need to check within the DNS settings of the domain there are no extra A records for the domain pointing to a different IP address, as this will then cause issues with accessing the SiteBuilder account.

Why can I not manage emails within CHI when the nameservers are not UK2 nameservers?

A: Currently CHI will not allow for one to manage an email account within CHI because CHI requires the default nameservers placed as the domain nameservers. This will then allow for CHI to manage the domain emails within the CHI account. This is something our developers are aware of and will be working on fixing in the near future. Currently there is no ETA on when this will happen.

Is there no FTP on Premium WordPress?

A: No

  • With the Premium WordPress packages you only have access to the WordPress site through the WordPress backend.

  • The only way to upload any of the site content to the server is within the WordPress back-end of the site.

Can I use FTP with SiteBuilder/RVSiteBuilder?

A: No

  • The reason you are not able to FTP to SiteBuilder/RVSiteBuilder is because they manage the content that is already within the programs. You can upload documents and photos to SiteBuilder/RVSiteBuilder to place within your site layout when creating your site.

Why is my domain suspended?

A: The domain is suspended due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The .uk domain registration has expired.

    1. Top Level Domain registrar Nominet allows a grace period of 30 days from the day the domain has expired for the domain to be renewed. If it was not renewed within the 30 days the domain will then be suspended.

      1. To resolve this issue you will need to contact our sales department directly to renew the domain during regular business hours either through chats from or by phone: 0800 612 2142FREE.

  2. All other domains:

    1. All domains not ending in .uk are placed under what is called an ICANN suspension. 

Why has my email stopped working?

A: There are a number of reasons why email may have stopped working for you. A list of the most common ones are below:

  1. The domain is placed under a suspension which will also stop all services associated with the domain.

  2. The MX record on your email may be incorrect.

  3. You may have the incorrect email client settings. Verify your mail settings on your email client.

  4. Your domain might be expired. You can check your domain expiry date inside your CHI account.

Why am I receiving a SiteBuilder redirect error?

A: There is a known issue with SiteBuilder in the new CHI system that causes a redirect error to occur.

  • To fix this we ask that you submit a ticket through your support section of your CHI account so we can escalate this to our developers to investigate, as this can only currently be fixed on a case-by-case basis.

Why can I not update my email password for my email account?

A: You have an expired web hosting package with UK2 and had more than one email address created under that package. As the package is expired, you are not able to make any changes to the email account until you have renewed the web hosting package.

  • For those who have domains hosted with UK2: You can look to delete any email addresses you do not wish to keep down to the default 1 mailbox that is provided with having the domain hosted with UK2.

  • If you don't have many email addresses created you can purchase the additional mailboxes located below the email address lists. If you have any further questions/concerns please feel free to contact us.

Why can I not view my email on my mobile browser?

A: While there is a growing number of mobile devices providing webmail applications, UK2 webmail is not currently mobile friendly.

  • We suggest that if you are going to check email on a mobile device that you look to set up the email within the email client. You can look for the default settings here.

Can I transfer my domain away when it is expired?

A: For any domain ending in .uk you are not able to transfer any domain away as Nominet requires for the domain to be registered before it can be transferred to a new registrar.

A: For all other domains: it all depends on the Top Level domain registrar as there is variation around those who do and don't allow for domains to be transferred if the domain is not registered.

  • You will need to carry out a search for your domain details to find who the registrar for your domain is, which can be done by running a Google search for WhoIs Any of the results provided should have the raw data of the WhoIs information for you to find who the registrar is of your domain.

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