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Q) So what will happen if I choose to upgrade?

A) Great! You have a choice to upgrade your service now, which will save you up to 40% for the life of the service, or at the time of renewal at the new standard rate, click here for pricing details. There are two options to upgrade to, either 2GB which is 10 times more storage than you currently have or 10GB  which is 50 times more storage space than what you currently have.

Q) What is the difference between upgrading now and upgrading at the time of renewal?

A) If you upgrade now, you will take advantage of the special offer available to existing clients only. This offer will save you up to 40% off your email package for the life of your service.

If you upgrade at the time of renewal, you will renew at the standard rates. Click here for pricing details.

Q) How long do I have to take advantage of the “up to 40% discount”?

A) You can take advantage of the special offer by renewing before the renewal date, click here to see service(s) renewal dates in your control panel. If you renew on or after the renewal date, the renewal will be at the standard prices; click here for pricing.

Q) What happens after the current email service expires?

A) Once the email service expires we will automatically delete the email account.

Q) Who is affected by these changes?

A) Only clients that purchased a domain name that was supplied with a free 200MB email account and do not have a hosting account associated with the domain name are affected by these changes. If you have since purchased additional 5 / 25 / 50 / 100 x 200MB services or had them previously, then you will not be affected by these changes, please refer to the next Q/A below:

Q) What if I have purchased additional email accounts such as 5 / 25 / 50 / 100 x additional 200MB POP/IMAP Accounts?

A) The changes in our email services will not apply to you as we will roll your FREE 200MB email service into your current plan. For example if you paid for 5 Extra 200MB accounts and also had 1 x 200MB email account with your domain name, we will update your service plan to include 6 x 200MB email accounts at no extra cost. See table below:




1 + 5 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

6 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

1 + 10 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

11 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

1 + 25 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

26 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

1 + 50 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

51 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

1 + 100 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts

101 Extra 200MB POP/IMAP accounts


Q) I have a Web Hosting account, am I affected by this?

A) Only clients that purchased a domain name that is not associated with a hosting account (Excluding the Budget hosting) are affected by this. Web Hosting clients with the Budget Hosting package are affected by this since no email mailboxes are provided with this package.

Q) What is the billing cycle for email services?

A) We currently offer yearly subscriptions for our email service, therefore you will be billed on a yearly basis.

Q) Can I upgrade from a 2GB package to 10GB package if I need to in the future?

A) Yes you can! Simply log into your CHI account here and navigate to the email section under domains. Once your upgrade is effective, you will be charged the difference between your current and new services.

Q) I have a email address, is my email address affected?

A) No! If you have an existing email address then you are not affected by this change.

Q) I have forwarding set up with, are my forwarders affected?

A) No! If you have forwarders created, this will not be impacted. If you need to add more forwarders, you can add more 

Q) I have another question that is not listed here, what do I do? 

A) No problem, either log into your CHI account here for more information or contact our support and we will  be able to help.

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