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  • Features And Limitations Of The Ecommerce Store
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You can sell from your website and take payments using your Ecommerce store.

The Ecommerce store is a simple way to create your own online shop to start selling and start making money. Your Ecommerce store is automatically mobile friendly with completely responsive templates. This allows your customers to browse and make purchases from your store on a variety of screen sizes.

You can:

  • Sell an unlimited number of products (depending on your subscription package)

  • Take orders from customers

  • Take payments from credit, debit or payment cards via PayPal and Stripe

  • Track inventory and receive emails when stock levels get low

  • Sell products that have variants like size or colour

  • Tag products for easy searching

  • Categorise products for easy grouping

  • Set multiple shipping methods with different prices

  • Vary shipping rates based on the weight of a product

  • Set a tax rate to account for VAT or similar tax

  • Receive email notifications when a customer places an order

  • Send emails to customers when order status changes

  • Set multiple tax rates

For the time being you will not be able to:

  • Sell downloads

  • Sell subscriptions

  • Offer discounts or vouchers

  • Print labels

  • Integrate with third party logistics software

  • Integrate with Email or CRM systems