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  • Getting Started 1: How To Set Up Your Store
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Ecommerce refers to buying and selling products on the internet. Using the Website Builder from, you can create your own ecommerce store to sell products. This article will walk you through the basics of ecommerce and setting up your store.


Basics of ecommerce

To set up an ecommerce store you'll need to work with:

  • Products - the items you want to sell in your Ecommerce Store

  • Payments - the process of receiving money from your customers

  • Orders - an order results from a customer making a payment for a product

  • Shipping - the process of delivering products to customers

Store Setup - Basic information

The first time you open your store page you'll be taken to the Store Setup page.

  1. 1Market your brand and choose the the name of your Online Store - this will be shown on the store page and other places on your website.

  2. Enter an email address that you would like to have notifications sent to, including new orders and other important alerts from your Online Store. It is important that this email can be accessed quickly and is checked frequently.

Payment setup

On the second step you will be asked to choose the payment method you will make available for your clients. You can accept payments with credit cards with both Stripe and PayPal.

Shipping setup

You must add at least one shipping rate. You will need to add a shipping rate for each country you are shipping your products to.

Shipping rate example


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