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  • Getting Started 2: How To Add Your First Product
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Step 1: Click the Add product button

Open your Store from the left side of the page and click the ‘Add product’ button.

Step 2: Add Product

The minimum amount of information required to add a product is title (1) and price (4). It is also highly recommended that you give more details about your product by adding a description (2) and an image (3). Click ‘Save’ (5) when you're done.


Step 3: Add the product title

Select the title text (1) and type a new title (2)

Step 4: Add a product description

We suggest that you add a product description between 20 and 50 words.

Step 5: Add an image step 1

Click the ‘Add image’ button (1)

Step 6: Add an image step 2

Click Upload new (1) or select an existing image (2)

Step 7: Add a price

Add a Price (1) and click ‘Save’ (2). Congratulations! That's everything you need to do to add a product.

If the currency (3) is incorrect you can change it later in Settings > Currency and formats

Step 8: Preview your product

After you click the ‘Save’ button, the preview bar (1) will be visible at the top of the page. Click preview and then navigate to your store page (2) to see your product. Click on the image (3) to see the product page.

The product page

The product page will show the product image(s), description and price. This will be available for customers to view when they visit your Online Store..


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