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  • How To Add Product Variants
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This article is intended for clients who are using Website Builder with ecommerce.

What are variants?

Any product can be made available in your online store with extra item attributes that your customers can purchase, such as different colours or sizes. These different choices for products are called ‘variants’.

When adding a product with variants you must first enter a variant name (i.e. Size) and the available choices (i.e. Small, Medium, Large). When your customer sees your product they will also see the various size options.

If you have also added Color as a variant name, your customer will be presented with all of the available options (3 sizes x 3 colours= 9 options).

The maximum number of options you can apply for any one product is 200. If you find you are needing more than 200 variants for your product, it may be best to create multiple products to make the product options organized for your customers when they are deciding which product best suits their needs.

Adding a product with variants

In order to add product variants, you will first need to create a new product to apply the variants to. Once the product is added you can create variants for that product.

Creating the variants

Once you have saved the basic information for your product, scroll down and click the ‘Add product variants’ button to add your variants.

Adding option names and choices

Type the option name for your variant (i.e. Size) and then enter the choices for that option (i.e. Small, Medium, Large). Once you have created each one of the variants, you can save them to the product as product choices. Once added you will notice that the background for that item attribute will turn black, as seen above.

When you have finished adding choices, click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm your changes.

Next, you will see that the variants are presented on a table.

Add more variants

If you want to add more variants for your individual product, click the ‘Add/remove options & choices’ button below the table in the product settings. This will enable you to add more variants to your product.

Next, click on the ‘Add another option’ button as seen above.

Once you have completed these steps you will see a warning before adding more variants to your product. Click on the ‘Add option’ button to confirm the changes you have made to your product’s variants. Adding a new variant will create a new table for your product.

Any changes you have made to the table (setting product visibility, stock, price, weight) will be reset if you choose to add a new variation. The previous variants cannot be retrieved. For example, if you changed the weight for the different sizes, once you add a new variant all the sizes will have the same weight again. For that reason, it is important to note the changes you have made and the original variants in the event that you would like to read these again at a later time.


To continue, add a new ‘Option Name and its Choices’, then click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm.

Remember that the number of options can never be more than 200 for an individual product.

Editing your product variants

Click on the ‘Edit variants’ button to edit any of the variants attached to your products.


While editing your variants you will see the options below:

  1. Price: change the price of the variant. Prices may differ based on specific variants like colour, size, weight, etc.

  2. Weight: change the weight of your product.

  3. Stock: add the stock level you have on each product choice (This column will only show if you have previously selected to track of your inventory).

  4. Visibility: change the visibility status of your variants. You may hide the visibility of your variants based on the stock level and availability.

  5. Click on ‘Save’ to confirm when you have finished making changes.


When you turn off the visibility for one variant you will see it greyed out on your table. You can make it visible again by editing the variants for your products at any given time.

Reorder dropdown values

The product choices are presented on a dropdown menu on your product page.

If you wish to change the order in which the choices are presented within your online store, you will need to go to your product variants and click on the ‘Reorder dropdown values’ button on the bottom of your variants table.

Drag and drop the values up or down as you see fit to rearrange them. The value at the top will be selected as default when your customer enters the single product view.