This knowledgebase article will help you change your lost or forgotten password. You can change your password one of two ways: within your CHI dashboard or through your Webmail account. This article will detail both options below. 

How to change your email password through your CHI dashboard:

NOTE:  You need to have access to the CHI control panel to reset an email password.  If you don’t have access, you may need to contact your company’s IT administrator to make this change for you.

1. Log into with your username and password.

2. From the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, click the Domains icon.

domain tab

3. From the domains available, click the domain your email account is associated with.

4. Now that you are viewing the domain options, you will see a menu across the top of your screen. Click the Email tab from the menu options.

5. Click on the Edit button located next to your email address information.

6. Within the Edit options, you have the option to change your password. Simply enter the new password you would like to use into the Password and Confirm Password boxes.

7. Then click the Save button to finalise the changes.

How to change your email password through your Webmail account:

Note: You will need your current password to change your email password within Webmail. If you have forgotten your email password, it may be best to use the option above to change your password within your CHI dashboard. 

  1. Log into your Webmail account with your username and password at

  2. Click the Settings tab from the menu located at the top of your screen. 

      3. Once you have access to the Settings menu, click Password.

     4. Enter your Current Password into the form provided.

     5. Enter your New Password into both of the forms provided. You will need to enter the same password twice to save your changes. 

     6. Click Save to finalise your password changes. 

Please note that our expert technical support staff is available at any time to help you with this task or any other. 

We recommend that you change your email account password as frequently as you can, and at least once every 90 days.