If you are a Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server client, please take note that some of the instructions below will have configuration settings that may not apply to your account. This is article is intended for email accounts setup on our email services through dashboard or CHI.

Forwarding mail on to a secondary email system is inherently problematic because a forwarder forwards on everything it receives including spam. Because of this, it is common for an IP address used for forwarding mail on to be flagged and blacklisted as a spam source. There is not much we can do about preventing the block except implementing higher spam filtering protocols which would mean that you would have further problems receiving email sent to you.

There is a recommended solution to get mail into another email system and bypass blacklisted forwarding IP addresses and additional spam filtering. The destination e-mail account (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) should be configured to download mail directly from your UK2.NET account. This is called remote POP/IMAP access (the majority of webmail providers today allow you to set up remote POP access — look in your destination e-mail account’s Settings or Options page for a section on “Accounts”, “Mail Accounts”, “External Accounts”, “Remote POP/IMAP Account Access”, etc.)

First, you will need to be sure you have created a POP/IMAP account. This article can walk you through that process.

If you have a forwarder currently and would like to turn that into a POP/IMAP account, this article could be useful.

Now that you have your POP/IMAP account you will need to set your account with your preferred provider to connect to the POP/IMAP account. We have found guides from a few popular providers to make this setup easier. Please click the link for your provider below:

When setting up your UK2.NET account via remote POP/IMAP, you may be prompted for the following information (replace yourdomain.co.uk with your domain name):

  • Incoming Mail Server (POP3/IMAP): mail.uk2.net
  • Username: user@yourdomain.co.uk
  • Password: (your UK2.NET e-mail account password)
  • Leave mail on POP/IMAP server: Yes
    (or, Delete messages after downloading from POP/IMAP server: No)

Unfortunately, the following providers do not support remote POP access at this time. You may still wish to contact your provider and request the feature so they know this is something customers want.

  • AOL Mail
  • EarthLink

If you have additional questions, please contact us at https://www.uk2.net/support They will be happy to help resolve any issues you experience.

Alternatively, you may submit a ticket through the support section of your CHI account.