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  • How To Create Product Categories And Tags
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Each product can have categories and tags

To manage your Categories and Tags for each of your products, you will need to first select the product. The categories and tags will be at the bottom of the Edit page when editing any of your products.


Categories are broad groupings of products that are typically viewed together on one single page. For example, if you are selling shoes you could include categories like Men(’s) and Women(’s).

To add a category, click ‘Add’ (1) and then type the category name you would like to add (2) and click ‘Create’ (3).

A store can have many categories but a product can only be in one category.

To add a product to multiple categories, each product will need to be recreated and added to one category each time it is created.


Tags are search terms that a customer might use to search for a product. A single product can have multiple tags.

To add a tag, type the tag name (1) and press return on your keyboard. The tag will then appear below the tag field (2) to show that the tag has been added to your product and to confirm that your tags have been added.