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  • How To Enable AutoResponders In Webmail
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Auto-reply messages are a great way to let people know that you are away for an extended period of time.

 This tutorial shows you how to compose and enable an auto-reply message.


Step 1. Click ‘Settings’.

Step 2. In the Settings pane, click ‘Autoresponder’.

Step 3. Complete the fields in the ‘Autoresponder’ pane as follows:

  • Click to check the box next to ‘Enabled’.

  • In the ‘Interval’ field, enter the number of days before the same recipient will receive the autoresponse message again. If this is not specified, the interval defaults to one day.

  • In the ‘End Date’ field, select the date that you want to stop the autoresponse message from being sent.

  • In the ‘Autoresponse Text’ field, type the message you would like to be automatically sent in reply to all incoming email messages. 

Step 4. Click ‘Save’.