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  • How To Import Products From A CSV File
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Products can be imported from a CSV file

You can download an example of the CSV file from here

The first row in the CSV is reserved for the header columns. These must be in the correct order and spelt correctly. See below for the order and explanation of each:

  • The file must be saved in csv format (.csv).

  • The main product 'Handle' column (which contains all of the product information, title, long description etc) must appear in the CSV before any of its variation rows. See example CSV.

  • For each group of product 'Handle', the import will update your product(s) if the handle already exists, or the import will create a new product if the specified handle has not been imported previously.

  • SKUs must be unique, so if you create a new product with an existing SKU, the import will return an error that will need to be corrected before you can import your CSV.

  • The image must have a valid URL.

  • 'Tags', 'Option Names' and 'Option Values' must be separated by semicolons.

  • 'Visible', 'Stock Track' and 'Stock Unlimited' must be set to 'yes' or 'no'.

  • 'Option Values' and 'Option Names' must have the same amount of entries.


  • 'Handle' - This denotes a group of products and its variations

  • 'Title' - The title for the product

  • 'Long Description' - The description/summary of the product

  • 'Visible' - To indicate the product is live on the store

  • 'Stock Track' - To indicate that the product should be tracked upon purchase, i.e decremented stock on successful purchase

  • 'Stock Warning Level' - (optional) The stock level at which the store owner will be notified

  • 'Stock Unlimited' - To indicate that the stock is unlimited

  • 'Category' - (optional) A category name to associate with the product

  • 'Tags' - (optional) A semicolon-separated list of searchable tags/keywords for the product

  • 'Image' - (optional) A url for the product

  • 'Option Names' - (optional) A semicolon-separated list of option name for the product variations i.e 'Colour; Size'

  • 'Option Values' - (optional) A semicolon separated list of values for the associated product 'option names' i.e 'red; medium'

  • 'Price' - The product price

  • 'SKU' - (optional) A unique product reference/id. This will be auto generated if it is left empty

  • 'Weight' - (optional) The weight of the product if applicable

  • 'Stock' - (optional) The amount of units of stock available

You can download the example csv file from here