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  • How To Log In To CPanel Outside Of CHI
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To login to your cPanel account directly, you will want to type in your domain name directly into your web browser, followed by ‘:2082’ or by ‘/cpanel’ to access the login prompt.

username domain

Enter your username and password to access your cPanel.

If the prompt keeps coming up, you can press the Cancel button to load a cPanel login page that will show you an error message.

If your domain DNS is still waiting for propagation you can then find out what cPanel server your domain is located on and enter into the browser the following as examples:






If you want to enter your cPanel using an SSL connection, the steps will be the same, only you will use ‘:2083’ or ‘/securecpanel’ in the above instructions.

Please contact technical support through chats, ticket, or over the phone for any further questions/concerns.


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