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how to navigate webmail

(1) Application Tasks

The webmail application provides different main tasks such as Email, Address Book, Settings, etc. Use this list to switch from one task to another. This will reload the screen with a specific view for the selected task. Instead of switching back and forth, task screens can be opened in individual browser windows or tabs. Right-click on a task icon in the list and then choose “Open Link in New Tab/Window” from the browser’s context menu.

Beside the main tasks, the button to terminate the current session  - “Logout” - is also located here.

(2) Toolbar

The main toolbar is always located above the content area and allows you to perform different actions, depending on what is being shown or selected in the content part of the window. If buttons are greyed out, the corresponding action is not available for the current selection. If a toolbar icon shows a small arrow on its right side, clicking that arrow will present you with variations of the action to be executed.

Additional actions can be found by clicking the “More” button (if available).

(3) List Operations

The icons in the footer area of a list provide actions that influence the list above or the currently selected element of the list respectively. The gear icon usually opens a menu with additional actions.

(4) Search Box

If the currently selected task allows searching for data (e.g. for email messages or contacts), a search box is located in the upper right corner above the main content area. Enter a search term and press <Enter> on the keyboard to start searching. To reset the search, click the clear icon on the right border of the search box.

There might be search options hidden in a dropdown menu that open when clicking the search icon left in the search box.

Resizing content boxes

Some boxes filling the main content area of the screen can be resized. Find the resize handle splitter between two boxes and drag it with the mouse.

Terminating the Session

Once your work is done on the Webmail application, it’s important that you properly terminate the current session by clicking the “Logout” icon in (1). This will make sure that no other person accessing your computer can read or delete your emails or send them on your behalf. Simply closing the browser window is not enough to log out!

You can send and receive emails from any location using webmail by logging into with your email account's username and password.