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  • How To Refer A Friend And Get Account Credit
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The new  referral program allows you to get store credit for referring your friends to our amazing products and services. This guide shows you how to refer a friend from within your CHI account in exchange for a $50.00 credit for you and your friend.

Step 1: Navigate To The Account Page In CHI

  1. Log into your control panel at

  2. Navigate to the “Account” section by clicking on the icon shown in the thumbnail below.



      3. Click on the “Refer A Friend” tab located at the top of your page.

Step 2: Send A Referral URL To Your Friend


  1. Click “Generate Referral URL”. This URL will track anyone who uses this link to purchase services.

  2. Copy the Referral URL by clicking “Copy Link To Share”.

  3. Paste the URL in an email, chat or text message to send to your contacts. You can also click the Facebook or Twitter icons to share the link via social media.

Step 3: (Referral View) Follow The Link And Select A Hosting Plan


  1. Click on the link you received.

  2. Select a hosting plan.

  3. Follow the steps to continue to checkout.

Both you and the friend you referred to will receive £50 credit after two full months of paid service. Both accounts must be active for the duration and not banned or suspended for any reason. Both accounts must have a valid payment method on file. For more terms and conditions, visit this page. 

If you have any questions about our new Refer A Friend program, please contact our support team by opening a chat or by creating a ticket within your CHI account.