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  • How To Register Your Free Domain Name
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Some of the hosting packages with UK2 come with free domain names. You can find out which of these hosting packages come with free domain names by going to and .

The free domains are the Registration of a NEW domain name. If the domain is already registered with another company or with UK2 it does not qualify to be one of the free domains.

**To see if a domain qualifies please go to UK2 Domains Registration and search the domain you would like. If the domain is listed as “Register” you can use your free domain name.**

If your domain is available to be registered please contact our Sales Department with the following information:

  • The domain name that has the current hosting package
  • The NEW domain name that you wish to register

The domain will be registered for the default time period, for .uk domains (,, etc.) you will get 2 free years. For all other domains, (,ect.) you will get 1 free year. Once this time expires you will renew the domain as any other domain with UK2.

If you have any questions with this, please contact our technical support department. They will be happy to help resolve any issues you experience. You can contact them by submitting a support ticket here. (CHI clients can submit a ticket through the Support section of their CHI account)