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  • How To Reset The Email Password In CHI
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There are 2 ways to reset your email password:

  1. Through your webmail account when logged in at
  2. Through your CHI account when logged in at

Through Webmail

To change your email password through the UK2 webmail interface, log in at Once logged in, click on Settings, as shown here:

webmail settings

Within the settings menu located on the left hand side you will see a password option:

 settings menu

Within the next screen you should be able to change your password.

Through CHI

If you do not have access to the webmail account you have the second option of changing your email password through your CHI account ( Depending on what services you have will also depend upon where you can access the email section for changing your email password.

If your domain is registered with you can select the domains section and then select the email tab to bring you to the email accounts.

domain tab

Click on the domain that you would like to manage.

domain menu

Click on the 'Email'  tab at the top of the page once you choose the domain name you are working with.

email tab

After selecting the email tab you will see the list of emails you have created and next to each email address you will see an edit button. Clicking the edit button will present a screen to change the password. After you have clicked on the green save button your password will be updated and you can then access your email account.

If you have email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc) set up on any devices you will also need to update the email password in the settings of those devices because changing your email password does not automatically change the password on any device. They will need to be done manually in order for your email to function correctly.

Please contact technical support if you have any issues with changing your email password. you can contact support by submitting a ticket through your CHI account, through chat, or over the phone.